Dr. Umar Johnson Under Investigation For License Validation

Dr. Umar Johnson Is under investigation for a re-examination of a License in the field of Psychology. In what he claims is a mere attempt to cease his credentials.

On Thursday, Umar Johnson took to his social media, In an Instagram post that caption accompanying the notice he writes

“Sometimes I ask myself why did I start this campaign, I’m ready to return all the donations and move to Afrika, in an effort to give our boys a school they deserve I’ve had countless coons consistently harass white people in the power structure until they’ve decided to strip me of my credentials, arrest my fund, and audit me. Hundreds of phone calls to my degree-granting institutions harassing them about my credentials, the same questions over & over again on every radio show, countless social network jokes & campaigns to diminish the credibility of the one man Black parents can count on to assist for free with saving their children from the mental health & miseducation systems, this is the thanks I get for helping to save a generation of Black boys. On top of all the betrayals, I’ve had my own father join in on the fun. This Kwanzaa tour will be my farewell conscious community tour for a while. I’m taking a break from social network as well. I need to take care of me now. I will keep pushing for the school until my detractors successfully kill that campaign also. Whether we succeed or fail just know that my intentions were honorable, and I tried my best, this is another victory for the mentally enslaved…





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