BlacChyna’s Mom, Tokyo Toni Deletes Instragram After Recieving Donation from 35 Of Her 84k Followers!

BlacChyna’s Mom has had enough.

Tokyo Toni took to Instagram to share with her 84,000 followers the reason for her departure from the ‘grams. For those who have been following her on Instagram you probably know, that she offend claims to be raising money for the homeless. Collecting Money, clothes, and other valuable to be distributed amongst the less fortunate.

We are still unclear of who is actually benefiting from the donation she has been receiving, and this latest round of donation clearly explains her Outburst. Watch Below!!



Via Daily Mail:

The description begins with: ‘I am doing an independent film about my life. I believe telling my story can help a lot of people.’

Tokyo Toni then adds: ‘I am asking for anything you can do to help my project unfold.’

She continues: ‘The money will be used for my production. I would be so thankful to you guys.’

Tokyo Toni then appears to justify her request for money, explaining: ‘I grind hard everyday to make my dreams a reality. I need your support even if it’s just five dollars!’

Tokyo Toni

 click on the Link above to see what Our Dear Tokyo Toni is really doing with her Donations.





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